FAQ - wineries

1. What are the differences between Free and Premium listings?

Premium and Premium Plus listings include photographs, a logo and a description in 6 languages. Premium listings can be displayed in up to 7 appellations. In search results Premium Plus listings are most visible at the top, Premium listings appear next, then Free listings. See comparison.

2. What currencies are accepted for payment?

Customers in all countries can sign-up and pay online by credit card. They will be charged the applicable Euro price at the exchange rate used by their bank or credit card institution. Check exchange rates.

3. Do I have to provide text translations?

No. Your information will automatically display in the correct language. On Premium listings the winery profile will be translated by the ZOOMVINO translation service (usually within 7 days).

4. We do not make wine. Can we add a listing?

No. ZOOMVINO listings are only available to companies who make wines. All new listings are verified by the ZOOMVINO team and are removed where appropriate.

5. Is it possible for those who do not produce their own wines to advertise on ZOOMVINO?

Yes. ZOOMVINO listings are restricted to wine makers but banner advertising on ZOOMVINO is an excellent way for merchants, industry bodies or wine service providers to reach the thousands of wine buyers who use ZOOMVINO every day.

6. Can our winery be classified in multiple wine appellations?

Yes. Premium Plus subscribers can list their winery in 7 wine areas/appellations within their region. Premium subscribers can designate up to 4 geographical indications. Free listings owners select 1 wine geographical area for their listing.

7. Can I publish photos and a text description of my winery?

Yes. If you have signed up for a Premium Plus listing you can upload 8 photos, Premium subscribers can upload 4. All Premium listings include a text description in 6 languages. Free listings do not have images or profile descriptions.

8. Can I cancel my listing whenever I want?

Yes. To cancel simply email the ZOOMVINO team. We do not refund unused portions of Fees if you downgrade or cancel your account.

9. Does ZOOMVINO take commission on wine orders sent through my listing?

No. We take no commission on the orders received through listings.